Pine Island RV Resort, Inc.
32501 S. 571 Rd., Jay, OK 74346
Owner Referral Program
We encourage you to continue to invite your family and friends who are interested in camping to join Pine Island.

Members:  Refer a friend to Pine Island and when they buy a membership, you will receive a certificate for five (5) days free
camping in your own RV or tent.  The certificate is good for 2 years.

New memberships:   For information on new memberships contact our Office at 918-786-9071.

Special incentives for MEMBERS: Current members can choose to pay two quarters dues ($192.00) in advance and receive a
certificate for two (2) days use of a campsite at no charge;  or pay one year's dues ($384.00) in advance and receive five (5) days
use of a campsite at no charge.  Campsite refers to an RV or Tent Site.  If you use our Rentals, then the equivalent amount will be
deducted from the total or your stay.
This advertisement is being used for the purpose of soliciting campground
Membership Sales.